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by corncandy
We are currently living together in a work situation. from the start he took his phone into the toilet for 40 mins a time.  He always denied messaging other women.    I did search and found him on lots of porn sites.  I love him dearly but every time his phone goes off I  am suspicious. It is not just one but lots.  He has shown me his phone and there were loads of women from sites. He said he didn't go on  them. This morning he had phone on silent, checked messages which I saw from distance. He pulls the phone to himself at an angle.  He typed message. I said. Are you messaging someone because if you are, we're ruined and don't waste my time.  He went to work, didn't miss me goodbye just said see you later.  Can I ever trust him
by tonystrak

I could ramble on and will in future posts if it helps me/anybody!

I've decided to give it up and asked my dealer not to contact me, he just did saying he has very nice new stuff so instead of replying to him I've decided to write this post and gonna keep a journal of my progress if that's cool with everyone!

I was once a very popular person and everyone admired my wit and humour and so on, fast forward 15 years or so and weed has slowly ripped my soul out of me and I can't go on like this anymore!

I had a great network of friends and now I feel like I haven't a friend in the world and I know deep down it's because of weed!

It's exciting because I've never known myself as an adult if you get me, I really want to discover myself and be the best I can be,! I've tried a few times but never get past a few days but am more determined this time.

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Welcome to Partners of Porn Addicts! Hope you find this to be a safe and helpful space.
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